Revenue: Commission Models at WPT Partners

Nothing is more important to us at WPT Partners than treating you and your income with integrity, respect and, above all, transparency.

We acknowledge and reward the time and effort placed into partner websites around the world, and we are committed to providing only the best possible service to all affiliate partners who join our WPT Partners Program.


We are big fans of the KISS methodology: we want to Keep It Simple, Stupid! No flashing lights around overcomplicated terms that no one can easily understand or implement, just respect for the business and the numbers each one of our partners brings in.

With our state-of-the-art tracking system, you will be able to see exactly where your commissions are and how they are faring.

Number of New Depositing Players Revenue Share
0 to 515%
6 to 2020%
21 to 4025%
41 to 10030%

In order to maintain the active status of the affiliate account, WPT Global reserves the right (after 3 months of inactivity, in the event that a partner will not direct any Qualifying Users to any Site for the period of 3 months and be considered as an Inactive Affiliate), to redice the affiliate’s revenue share to 12.5% until such time as WPT Global management are assured that the affiliate is actively promoting the brands.

Other Deal Types (Hybrid): At WPT Partners, we recognize the need to keep up in the ever-changing advertising and marketing arenas; we combine industry know-how with flexibility to find the best way to work with you towards achieving your goals.

With flexibility in mind, we have enabled a series of alternative deal types such as the hybrid model (a mix between CPA and Revenue Share). Please contact your Affiliate Manager after registering for tailored advice on the best deal type for you.


Our affiliates’ successful ventures are the best way for us to promote our program to other like-minded individuals in the gaming industry. You can get in on the action by promoting WPT Partners to your peers: generate an ultra-high sub-affiliate commission rate through receiving a percentage of their earnings. Why not start today and unveil to your friends and business partners what WPT Partners can do for them!

Sub Affiliate Comission
+ 2.5 % on First Tier